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Baby's Alarming Sleeping Pattern Worries Parents, Doctors


A Casa Grande, Arizona, couple are looking to figure out what is causing their 8-week-old baby girl’s strange sleeping pattern.

Jennifer Smith said that she and her husband noticed something wasn’t right from the day their daughter Kallista was born. 

“She seems like a normal baby, besides the fact that she sleeps all the time,” she said. 

“Between 20 and 23 hours a day."

The parents brought their daughter to Phoenix Children’s Hospital after becoming concerned about her sleeping patterns, and doctors quickly began monitoring her.

“They've looked at her heart, they've looked at her brain, they've done some genetic testing,” Smith said. So far, results have come back inconclusive.

“We’re just scared that she’s going to die,” she said. 

Dr. Rupali Drewek, the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at PCH, said that while long hours of sleep can be common for babies, the amount of time Kallista has been sleeping prompts cause for concern.

“[We are monitoring] Whether she's having pauses, any drops in her oxygen, her carbon dioxide levels and some brainwaves to see if she has any seizure activity," Drewek said. 

A GiveForward fundraising page was subsequently launched to help the Smith family through their difficult ordeal.

Sources: 12 News, GiveForward / Photo credit: 12 News

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