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Baby Takes First Steps Minutes After Birth (Video)

Millions of people around the world have watched a video showing a baby take its first steps just minutes after being born (video below).

The incident reportedly occurred in a hospital in southern Brazil and footage was uploaded to social media May 26, Daily Mail reported.

The location of the video was determined by the nurse's uniform. Little information is available about whose baby it was.

"My gosh, the girl is walking. Good gracious!" the nurse can be heard saying in the video, according to the Mail.

The video shows the nurse attempting to give the baby its first bath, but the newborn is more interested in showing off her new skill.

"Wait let me film this," another person is heard saying.

They then call a colleague to come and watch the surprising event.

"Merciful father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk," the nurse adds.

Babies generally take their first steps between the ages of nine months and one year.

This has led to some questioning the authenticity of the video or trying to provide other explanations for the actions of the "miracle baby."

According to The Independent, the baby could have something referred to as a primitive reflex, which results in a baby putting one foot in front of the other if held upright on a flat surface. Newborns are not able to support their body weight.

Scientists in 2009 published research revealing why human babies are unable to walk at birth, whereas foals and other hoofed creatures can move around when they are only a few hours old. A research paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that many mammals start walking when they have reached the same level of brain development, suggesting that those species capable of walking sooner undergo more rapid brain development.

"It's something I've always wondered about," lead researcher Martin Garwicz said, according to LiveScience. "Even children ask this question -- How come a little foal can start walking straight after birth and it takes us such a long time?"

The belief has been expressed that babies who walk earlier will develop more quickly, but scientific research has contradicted this view.

A 2013 study found that there will be little difference in later life between a baby who walks at nine months and another who is a late walker. Swiss scientists tracked the progress of around 200 babies until they were aged 18, the Mail reported.

"The timing is really of no consequence. Children who start walking early turn out to be neither more intelligent nor well co-ordinated," a spokesman for the research team told the Mail.

Sources: Daily Mail (2), The Independent, LiveScience / Photo credit: Ernest F/Wikimedia Commons

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