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Baby Signing: feature story!

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Are you looking for a feature story with strong emotional appeal and of particular interest to parents, pediatricians, and educators?  We've got a terrific story topic for you:  babies who can use sign language to communicate months before they can speak.

Using American Sign Language to communicate with preverbal hearing babies is one of the most fascinating and fastest growing parenting trends in North America.

Beginning as early as eight months of age, hearing babies can use simple signs to clearly tell their parents and caregivers what they want or what they are thinking. Imagine the relief parents feel when their baby can sign "milk, “please," "I'm hungry," "change my diaper," or "my ear hurts" . . . instead of crying!  Not only does signing reduce frustration, it also enhances child-parent bonding, accelerates verbal language development, and strengthens babies' cognitive skills.

As a leader at the forefront of baby signing, Etel Leit, the owner and founder of SignShine, invites you to our program. Etel is the Presenter of the Month for Sign2Me, an international organization.  She is a regular online contributor to the Hot Moms Club magazine and the international newsletter of Sign2Me. Eel Leit and has been featured in Family Magazine, the Jewish Journal, Baby LA Parent and KidsLA Magazine; also, through Reuters, she has been featured on, AOL, Yahoo, MSN and many other publications.  She was recently selected to participate in an artwork by Kutlug Ataman for his show, “Paradise,” exhibited at the Orange County Museum of Art and subsequently traveling in museums and throughout the world.

You are invited to participate in SignShine’s various classes and events:

  • Ongoing weekly classes in West LA
  • Workshops and private classes and workshops
  • Story Time – held at various Los Angles County Public Libraries

To make it easy for you to write or produce an exciting and well-researched feature on using sign language with babies, we have a Press Kit that includes information about the benefits of signing with hearing babies, cites current research in this field, and provides an overview of the SIGN with your BABY Program – the only signing program available for hearing infants that is based on American Sign Language.

For more information, you are invited to visit the SignShine website – and

We hope you will give us a call at 310.277.7446, or contact us by email.


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