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Facebook Entries Reveal "Baby-Selling" Parents Used to be Happy Family

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momlogic's Momstrosity: When I read the story about a drug-addled couple attempting to sell their baby, it made me sick. It's hard to believe that their child was ever cared for or loved. California parents Patrick Fousek, 38, and Samantha Tomasini, 20 -- both high on methamphetamine -- were arrested yesterday for offering their 9-month-old daughter, Alexandra Rose, to a shopper at Walmart for 25 dollars. In their mugshots, they look like bad news -- drug addicts who deserve to lose custody of their child (which, of course, they have).

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But looking at Patrick and Samantha's Facebook entries, you'd never guess they were anything but doting parents. Both of their social-media pages are loaded with pictures of Alexandra with what at least looks like her proud parents. Like most new moms and dads, Patrick and Samantha documented their entire baby-journey in photos: sonogram, pregnant belly, hospital.

In one photo caption, Samantha says her daughter is "a doll, she acts as perfect as she looks too, hardly ever crys (sic) she only gets fussy when she's tired or has a dirty diaper."

Patrick seems equally enamored. His profile picture on Facebook is an image of his daughter. On his MySpace page, he's seen holding his tiny daughter. The caption? "Me & my girl." He posted pictures of Alexandra asleep on his chest, and even one of him changing a diaper. 

What went wrong? The answer, sadly, is meth. According to the latest statistics, there are at least 1.5 million crystal-meth addicts in the United States. The drug is notoriously habit-forming.

To look behind the scenes at this family's life provides a gruesome testament to what can happen when drugs take control. So, so sad.


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