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Baby Saved from Death After Doctor Closes Aneurysm with Superglue

A dying baby was saved from an aneurysm when a doctor quickly thought of using superglue to stop the bleeding.

Ashlyn Julian, 20 days old, started screaming and throwing up, and her parents knew something was wrong.

"At that point," mother Gina Julian said, "You know something's not right."

They took her to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. When an ultra-sound was performed, they found the aneurysm.

They then transferred her to another hospital who was better prepared for the condition, but in reality, no hospital would be truly prepared as the condition is so rare in infants.

"We did not know what the right answer was. This was not a textbook case," Dr. Koji Ebersole, an endovascular neurosurgeon, said. 

Doctors didn't even have tools to perform the surgery, and so had to get a little creative.

Using medical grade superglue and a tiny, hair thin micro-catheter, Ebersole went in through the baby's neck and deposited the glue into the aneurysm.

They did not know if it would work, but it did, and the next day they were able to remove her breathing tube.

"I did not know she would be ready that fast," the doctor said.

Doctors expect Ashlyn to be fine and will send her home in a week.

Sources: Daily Mail, Examiner


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