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10 Things to Know for Your Baby-Name-Picking Game

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Naming your new little bundle of joy is a big responsibility. Not only does their name stick with them forever, but it can shape the course of their life. For the complete list of things to bear in mind, go to Here are just a few:

  • Will you name your baby before you actually give birth, or wait until baby comes home? It's not uncommon for new parents to take their baby home without a name and then let a name naturally emerge.
  • There are definite meanings attached to names. For instance, Jessica Alba chose the name "Honor" for her daughter. She felt it was an "honor" to have her fiancé, Cash Warren's, baby and wanted to reflect that in her baby's name. What meaning do you want your child's name to carry?
  • Will you name your baby after you? It's not uncommon to have a Jr. in the family, but naming baby after mommy isn't so common.
  • Is following a cultural naming tradition important? In some cultures, it's tradition to name children after grandparents or after family members who have passed away. It all depends on how traditional you are.
  • Your baby's last name is just as important as their first name. Will your tot's last name be your own, your significant other's, or maybe a hyphenated one?
  • Having two and even three middle names is hot in Hollywood. Gwen Stefani's second baby, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, is a good example. Will you go the simple route with just one name, or give your baby three or even four?
  • Gender-neutral names are the celebrity trend du jour, but might cause confusion in your non-celeb playgroup. Will you opt for a gender-neutral name? (Denise Richards named her daughter "Sam" ....)
  • Are some names simply off-limits? Would you name your baby after your significant other's ex, for example? What about after an object, like "Apple" or "Rocket"?
  • If you are planning on having a few children, would you start a baby-name theme? The Kardashian girls all have names starting with the letter "K," and all 20 of the Duggars have names starting with "J."
  • How will others take your baby-name selection? Kids can be cruel, but so can adults. Will you be able to handle the opinions that others have about your baby's name?


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