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Baby Makes Unexpected Recovery After Life Support Turned Off

Francesca and Lee Moore-Williams, a couple from Essex, England, thought they were going to lose their 18-month-old daughter due to a rare medical condition.

But after agreeing to have doctors turn off her life support, Bella Moore-Williams made an incredible recovery, the Express reported.

Bella’s parents realized something was wrong when she began losing hair in April, and by July her condition had deteriorated significantly.

“On July 21 we were told to say our goodbyes and the whole family came in one by one to say their goodbyes,” Francesca told the Express.

Doctors said they thought the condition she was suffering from was mitochondrial disease, a condition where cells do not produce enough energy.

“I just kept sitting there thinking ‘Why us?’” she added.

Three times, doctors told Bella’s parents she was likely to die. The family took a final picture with Bella, and made handprints as a memento.

“I will never, ever forget that moment when I had to say goodbye to my daughter,” Francesca said.

After the parents signed forms agreeing that no special measures should be taken to keep their daughter alive, doctors turned off the life support equipment. But Bella began fighting for her life and was soon breathing by herself.

“The doctors changed their way of thinking and they went all the way to save her. In those 20 minutes, I realized she wasn’t ready to let go,” said Lee.

Bella spent three weeks on a children’s ward after making the recovery, and was treated with drugs for a further six weeks at home. Doctors changed their diagnosis, determining that Bella suffers from biotinidase deficiency, a genetic condition preventing the body from absorbing nutrients.

Francesca explained that Bella his around eight months behind in her development, but is beginning to talk and walk.

“It’s just amazing. It’s like we have won the lottery,” added Francesca.

The family is now looking forward to celebrating Christmas together.

“Never in a million years thought we’d be sat here together as a family, counting down the sleeps till Christmas day. We’ve got all the family coming over, like we always do, we host it here and we can’t wait,” Francesca told ITV.

Sources: Express, ITV / Photo credit: Express

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