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Baby Delivered After Kicking Through Mother's Uterus

Baby Delivered After Kicking Through Mother's Uterus Promo Image

A pregnant woman had a shocking experience when her unborn baby kicked so hard the child's leg poked out of her uterus. (Warning: The images below are graphic.)

The woman, identified only as Zhang, experienced a case that her hospital called "extremely rare" when her unborn daughter kicked hard enough to tear through scar tissue on the wall of her uterus, according to the Daily Mail.

The scar had come from a previous surgery.

The baby, who was born at 35 weeks by an emergency cesarean section, is reported to be in stable condition. The mother is also reported to be in stable condition.

Zhang's hospital said she arrived on Oct. 2 complaining of serious pain in her abdomen. An ultrasound revealed the baby girl's leg was poking out of the mother's uterus and into her abdomen at the site of a previous surgery where Zhang had a fibroid tumor removed in 2016.

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Zhang's doctor, Zhong Shilin, said the woman's uterus had a nearly 3-inch-long rupture. Zhang's amniotic fluid had also begun to flow into her abdomen.

The baby was born about 10 minutes into the emergency C-section, according to the hospital, Peking University Shenzen Hospital in China.

Zhong said that women who have surgeries like Zhang's to remove fibroids should wait one or two years before trying to get pregnant.

Uterine rupture in pregnancy is rare and dangerous, according to Medscape. The complication has a high rate of death for both the mother and the baby.

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Uterine rupture is reported to only be seen in 0.07 percent of pregnancies, but it can be extremely dangerous. Medical professionals generally have only 10-37 minutes to deliver the baby after the rupture is diagnosed before the likelihood of death increases drastically.

The condition can lead to the fetus being without oxygen as well as catastrophic bleeding in the mother.

In 2016, a woman in France experienced a similar uterine rupture, where her baby's feet popped out of her uterus through a 1-inch tear.

The woman didn't show symptoms, and didn't know about the rupture until coming in for a routine ultrasound, according to Live Science.

Dr. Pierre-Emmanuel Bouet, the OB/GYN from  France's Angers University Hospital who reported the case, said he had never seen this complication before.

The woman's risk for uterine rupture was reportedly increased because she had five previous C-sections.

The baby was delivered via C-section at 30 weeks, and ended up being healthy. Doctors were reportedly able to repair the woman's uterus after the birth of her son.

Sources: Daily Mail, Medscape, Live Science / Featured Image: Torsten Mangner/Flickr / Embedded Images: Peking Shenzen University Hospital via Daily Mail

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