Baby Girl Is Born With No Eyes Due To Rare Condition

A baby girl in England suffering from a rare condition was born without eyes. 

Daisy, who is now 8 weeks old, has an incurable condition called Anopthalmia, and doctors have told her mother, Danielle Davis, 24, and father, Andrew Smith, 31, that she will never be able to see, but can soon be fitted for glass eyes, reports the Daily Mail.

When Davis was 21 weeks pregnant, her doctor told her a scan indicated her baby had a cyst on her brain. At the time, they didn't tell her that her baby could be born blind. But Davis says she refused to terminate her pregnancy and that she has no regrets about her decision to keep her "gorgeous" daughter.

"We want to give Daisy as normal a life as possible and give her the same opportunities as other children," Davis said.

Anopthalmia reportedly develops during pregnancy and affects one in 10,000 births in the United Kingdom. Another baby born in Arizona in January, the same month as Daisy, was also diagnosed with the condition. Baby Richie's doctors reportedly thought his face was swollen when he was born and were shocked to discover he did not have eyes in his eye sockets. 

Daisy has two older siblings -- 6-year-old Logan and 4-year-old Tyler. She will be admitted this month to the Great Ormond Street Hospital to be fitted for glass eyes, which will be replaced when she is 18 months old with more realistic-looking painted eyes. 

Daisy's parents are planning to skydive 12,000 feet in order to raise money for the charity RNIB, which supports people who cannot see.

Source: Daily Mail/Photo Credit: creatingflow.wordpress.com


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