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Baby Girl Begins To Breathe After Doctors Remove Her Ventilator

Sarah Rodriguez, 33, was told last December that her newborn baby was “incompatible with life.” Rodriguez’s daughter, Ellis, contracted bacterial meningitis in November when she was only two weeks old. The infection caused her brain to swell and baby Ellis was put on a ventilator. Doctors decided to remove Ellis from life support and Rodriguez said her final goodbyes. However, in a miraculous twist of fate, Ellis began breathing on her own, according to The Blaze.

“They said, ‘We don’t think your child would ever breathe, but if she did happen to live, she would be a vegetable. She won’t ever be a normal,’” Rodriguez said. “And what we’ve found is just the opposite.”

Rodriguez’s husband, Joel, was only 35 when he lost his battle with cancer in July 2013. After struggling with fertility issues, the couple had one son together, Milo. Before he died, Joel told Rodriguez that he predicted that the couple would also have a daughter.

“My first thought was, ‘He’s wrong,’ because it’s impossible,” Rodriguez recalls. “At that point in time, he was paralyzed in half of his body … he had not had a lot of success in his rehabilitation. I was looking at a life of a lot of uncertainty because of his condition,” Rodriguez said, as reported by the Blaze.

Rodriguez was able to become pregnant with Ellis after Joel’s death because the couple still had two embryos left over from prior fertility treatments. “I believe God is the giver of life and the pregnancy would not come to be unless he ordained it,” Rodriguez said.

Although life is not the same for Rodriguez without her husband, she is thankful for Ellis’ recovery. According to Rodriguez, one doctor told her that Ellis is “absolutely laughing in the face of medicine,” as reported by the Blaze.

Sources: The Blaze

Photo: Wikimedia


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