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Day Care Worker Charged In Incident Involving Toddler

A boy in Utah was hospitalized and a day care worker is facing charges after an incident involving a picture frame.

Kastyn Tyler Latham, who is 22 months old, allegedly got his head stuck between a playpen and a picture frame, and was unable to breathe, Tribune Media Wire reports. The Country Loving Day Care in Richfield called 911 on May 15, saying a child was not breathing and had no pulse.

First responders performed CPR on the toddler, and started his heart beating again. Kastyn was rushed to a local hospital before being flown to an area children's hospital.

Doctors told the boy's family he may have permanent brain damage from the incident.

"After four days, Kastyn woke up," says a GoFundMe page that was started to help the family with expenses after the incident. "After five days, he was breathing on his own."

"His mom is a single mom who lost her job because they can't hold her position without knowing a date she might return," reads the page. "She has bravely sat and cried next to him for over a week."

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The boy has a twin sister and 5-year-old brother, according to the page, who are staying with their grandparents while their brother recovers.

"He is like a newborn and must relearn everything," says the crowdfunding page. "This is going to take months and possibly years to help him get to about 75% of where he was before this incident."

Casey Bertelson, a worker at the day care, faces felony charges of recklessly causing physical injury to a child, The Richfield Reaper reports. Bertelson made her first appearance in court on June 6.

In March, a day care worker was charged after dropping a toddler on a metal cot, reports WBZ.

Crystal Salisbury was fired by Briarwood Child Academy in Seekonk, Massachusetts, and charged by police with assault and battery on a child after she was accused of dropping a 17-month-old child onto a cot made of aluminum.

The toddler was reported to be bleeding from the bridge of their nose after they were dropped several inches and their face hit the cot's framing. Salisbury "recklessly permitted the child to suffer bodily injury," police said.

"The teacher involved was terminated immediately," said the day care in a statement. "We are fully cooperating with authorities in their investigation. We truly do strive to provide a safe and nurturing place for each child to learn and grow, and will continue to make this our top priority."

Sources: Tribune Media Wire via KCPQ, GoFundMe, The Richfield Reaper, WBZ / Photo credit: Kingofears/Wikimedia Commons, Family photo via GoFundMe

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