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Baby Dies After Stepmother Allegedly Cuts Off His Penis (Photo)

Baby Dies After Stepmother Allegedly Cuts Off His Penis (Photo) Promo Image

A baby boy whose stepmother allegedly cut off his genitals has died.

Dauda Buhari's stepmother, 17-year-old Bara'atu Rabiu, cut off his penis in June 2016, when he was 2 months old. Buhari has reportedly died from malaria, according to Metro.

Rabiu, who remains in jail, has not explained why she mutilated her baby stepson's genitals.

The baby boy needed multiple surgeries and was expected to travel to Britain to have genital transplant surgery before his death.

Buhari had "slight malaria which made his temperature rise and he died even after he had been administered his prescribed drugs," according to Mariam Kolo, the director general of Child's Right Agency.

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Kolo pointed out that Buhari had been doing well after a number of surgeries, and his death was not from complications related to the genital mutilation, but rather from his illness.

In a similar story from Zimbabwe in March, a 2-year-old boy's mother cut his penis off, claiming it was "too big" for his age, the Chronicle reports.

The boy was admitted to Bulawayo's Mpilo hospital after the incident, where he was hospitalized for at least two months. The boy's mother was taken to a psychiatric hospital.

"We were shocked when we heard that she had cut her son's privates. Neighbors said she called them screaming for help after chopping the manhood which she described as too big for his age," said a family member who did not wish to be named.

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"We're equally shocked and sad that the boy will live without his manhood for the rest of his life," the family member added. "It was a traumatic incident and we hope both him and the mother will recover."

While a doctor would not confirm or deny the story because it involved a minor, a nurse spoke about the incident anonymously.

"This child came here sometime in January and we didn't see the piece of the cut manhood," said the nurse. "We have been treating and nursing him since then as his mother had to be taken to [a psychiatric hospital]. She had become a hazard to the child and other patients as she exhibited violent tendencies."

Yet another child reportedly had his penis cut off by his aunt in China in 2014 after he walked in on her in the bathroom, according to Daily Mail.

The aunt, 37-year-old Xue Paan, allegedly cut off her nephew's genitals after he walked in on her in the bathroom while she was texting her boyfriend. The boy had asked if he could play a game on her phone.

The boy's mother said she came running when she heard the 3-year-old boy scream. "Next to him was a knife and his penis," said the mother, Cai Tuan. "It was simply horrific."

Surgeons were able to reattach the child's penis in an emergency procedure. A spokesman for the hospital said that while the boy would require further treatment, they were "confident" that he would be "perfectly OK again."

Sources: Metro, Daily Mail, Chronicle / Featured Image: Didriks/Flickr / Embedded Photos: Metro, Elizabeth/Flickr

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