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'We Were Worried': Baby Born With Three Arms Due To Rare Condition (Photo)

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A baby boy in India was born with three arms due to a rare condition that affects just one in one million infants.

The boy was originally born with his right arm in place, but with two arms on his left side. He was brought to Ahmedabad Civil Hospital in Gujurat, India, in December, where doctors removed the 2-week-old’s extra limb.

According to doctors, the boy suffers from a rare condition known as Polymelia, which causes a person to be born with extra arms or legs. The condition occurs in the womb when the embryo develops into conjoined twins, though one twin stops growing and leaves the other with parts of its undeveloped body.

A CT scan revealed that the boy was also born with a clubfoot, missing a kidney and that one of his testicles was inside his stomach. According to Dr. Rakesh Joshi, head of pediatric surgery at the hospital, the clubfoot will be straightened by putting it in plaster. Additionally, he predicted that a lack of a kidney will not hamper the child’s health.

“When we came to know about his condition, we were worried,” Ramesh Makwana, the boy’s father, told the Ahmedabad Mirror. “However the doctors have assured us our son will be alright.”

The newborn boy will have to undergo physiotherapy for his functional left hand and clubfoot, according to doctors.

In 2012, a newborn girl in Pakistan was born with a third arm attached near her spinal cord. In the same year, a boy from Peru had two parasitic twins removed from his stomach. The most well known case of Polymelia, however, was reported in India in 2007 regarding a boy with eight limbs.

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Sources: DailyMail, Click News, The Ahmedabad Mirror / Photo Credit: Ruptly


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