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Baby Born Drunk After Mom Collapses During Drinking Binge

A newborn baby in Poland is recovering after being born completely drunk today.

The baby was born with 4.5 g of alcohol in his blood after his mother went on a heavy drinking binge. To get an idea of how dangerously intoxicated this baby was: 4.5g of alcohol is 23 times the legal BAC limit for driving in Poland.

The baby’s mother was rushed to the hospital after she collapsed while trying to buy more alcohol. (Please refrain from punching your computer screen.)

“The unborn baby was in severe danger of being poisoned to death,” hospital spokesman Wojciech Zawalski said. "When he came out his heart was barely beating and he had 4.5g of alcohol in his blood."

The baby is currently in an intensive care incubator recovering from the alcohol poisoning.

Police are still deciding what to charge the 24-year-old mother with, but she will likely at least be charged with endangering the life of an unborn child. 

Source: Mirror


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