Babies, Toddlers Escape From Cribs (Funny Video)


Several parents have uploaded videos of their babies and toddlers sneaking out of their cribs on YouTube.

In response to this trend, YouTube user "NewCaven" made a compilation video of the tiny tots and their great escapes set to the theme song of the 1960s TV show"Mission Impossible."

The video shows several toddlers using the corner of their cribs to help them lift a leg over the crib wall and scurry down, notes the Daily Mail.

However, there are some ingenious kids, such as a little girl who sneaks out her crib and then goes to lower her sibling's crib wall. After the sibling escapes, the little girl has the good sense to slide the crib wall back up so that no one will know how the escape was done.

Another child climbs underneath a door barrier to gain entrance to another part of the home. Not to be outdone, another baby climbs over the barrier.

In another clip, two brothers move their cribs together so that they can be in one crib together.

Source: Daily Mail and YouTube


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