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Ayurveda: Ancient Indian Diet and Exercise System

The world of Ayurveda (an ancient system of healing in India) is a lot about food. It's something we eat several times a day and what we put into our bodies can be compared to fuel. I hope you will find the following Ayurveda tips useful.

Daily exercise can help improve your metabolism, improve digestion and help keep you regular.
Take time at least once a day to get into meditation - you can also do some yoga exercies as well as this also helps to keep you calm, become more supple and even stop those awful food cravings we all get sometimes.

Get up early and be in bed, ready for sleep by around 10 each night.

Make sure your meals are made of fresh ingredients. Eating leftovers decreases your energy level.

Make sure that your largest meal is at lunchtime and have a light meal for supper which is easy on your digestion.

Spices can be a great aid to digestion, so be sure to add turmeric, black peper, cumin or ginger (best when fresh) to your cooking.

Instead of making sure you have cold water during the day, trade cold water for hot water, as this is better for your body.

Here are some more Ayurvedic tips to assist you in certain circumstances

" Spicy foods are not the thing to indulge in if you are angry or irritated.
Should you be nervous or feeling anxious, stay away from raw food, which also includes salads.
Dairy products or sweets are a no-no if you are suffering from a cold, as they can slow down recovery because they are mucus forming.

Although the above are general Ayurveda tips that we can all benefit from, if you delve further into this amazing healing system or visit a Ayurvedic doctor, you will find that our bodies are classified into three types, called doshas:


We can be one type or a combination. Vata means the energy of activity and if you are a vata type, you are probably slim with light bones, cold hands and feet, so you love warmth. They can also be quick in body and mind which means they are quick thinkers and also somewhat restless and often walk really fast, for example. They also love more fatty food, mushy soups and sweet tastes as well as sour and salty food.

Pitta types represent the fire principle, so everything needs to be digested and assimilated. These people tend to have a good appetite, and their body temperature is higher, so they like to cool down. They have a good digestive system, an excellent memory, and ask a lot of questions. However, these types can be quite sensitive to foods that are fried, as this is more difficult to digest. They tend to urinate a lot as well as sweat profusely.

Kapha represents the energy of structure and lubrication, and such people tend to be a bit overweight with heavy bones and a large compact frame. They have a steady appetite but their digestion is often slow and they walk and talk slowly. These types can easily spend their day sleeping or relaxing at home, and they usually need the stimulus of caffeine to get their metabolism going in the mornings.

So, as you can see, each type needs different things, and what is good for one type isn't good for the other.

Ayurveda is an amazing form of healing and is based on sound principles, and hopefully the Ayurveda tips can become part of your daily life.

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