Avoid the “Freshman 15″ at Any Age


We’ve all heard of the freshman 15. Heck, most of us have lived it. But the “freshman 15″ doesn’t just make an appearance in our freshman year of college. What about the “9-5 desk job 15″ or the “new boyfriend 15″ or the “it’s winter and I like comfort food 15.″ Don’t judge me, you’ve been there.

While only freshman year gets its own “trendy” title, we tend to gain weight when we shift into a new position or situation. Here are some easy and effective tips to avoid weight gain during any shift or change in your life!

Drink lots of water. I know this seems like an obvious one, and one that you are probably sick of hearing, but getting enough water is vital to your health. Not to mention drinking water cuts out extra calories (who wants to drink them? Let's save them up for something yummy!), and will help you identify when you are really hungry, because sometimes thirst actually causes us to reach for an unneeded snack!

Eat every 3 hours. Oh, and try to make it healthy! But eating every 3 hours will help keep you full, keep your energy going throughout the day, and help you avoid unplanned snacking.

Think before you bite. No, seriously though, before you put it in your mouth, stop and think “Would I normally eat this?”

Plan. And then plan some more. I actually write in my planner what I will be making for dinner (along with my workout schedule, my daily tasks, what I will wear... just kidding, I don’t write down what I am going to wear. Although that is not a terrible idea.). Planning what you will be eating will help you stay on track and avoid unplanned binges.

Buddy up. Find someone else in the same boat, buddy up, and help each other reach your goals! Maybe you exchange recipes, send supportive emails, go for a walk, or hit the gym together.

What are your best tips for avoiding situational weight gain?


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