Average Hospital Stay Costs More Than Average Rent


A new study has shown that even when Americans own private health insurance, they still end up paying exorbitant costs which can leave them hurting financially.

The study showed that the average cost of a hospital stay for a privately insured American in 2013 was about $1,013 according to Vox.  This figure is more than the average person's monthly rent and more than 3 times the amount of the average family's monthly grocery bill.

The study, published in the JAMA Internal Medicine journal, revealed that much of the increase in the cost of an average hospital stay has been within the past 6 years.  The study showed that out-of-pocket hospital costs increased by 37 percent between 2009 and 2013.

But overall healthcare spending has not risen nearly as much during this time as out-of-pocket health care costs have.  This has occurred as companies have shifted much of the cost of health care to their employees, and have continued to offer them less robust coverage over time.

Another vast increase has been seen in the cost of deductibles, or the amount of money that patients need to spend before benefits kick in.  In 2006 a deductible of more than $1,000 was an outlandish proposition; as of 2015, the average deductible reached $1,077.

The study brings the alarming cost of healthcare in the United States -- even for those who have insurance -- into clear view.  The "wide variability" in out-of-pocket spending warrants greater attention from policymakers, according to the study's authors.

Sources: Vox, The Jama Network / Photo credit: Nicola Di Stefano/Himetop

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