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Autistic Child Tied Up with Belt at School

The mother of an autistic eight-year-old is suing the Indianapolis public school system after she came to her child’s school for a meeting and found her son sitting in the corner of a classroom, tied to a chair with a belt.

WRTV Indianapolis reports Jennifer Robbins went to William Penn Elementary School on January 14 for a conference, and found her son, Hudson, tied to the chair. Her son's teacher and two teacher's aides were also in the classroom at the time. One of the aides had tied Hudson to the chair. Robbins said Hudson, who is mostly nonverbal, looked disheveled and had been crying.

Robb Warriner, Special Education Director for Indianapolis Public Schools, said the aide who belted the boy to the chair made a very poor decision, and had been disciplined. However, Indiana law does allow school staff to use restraints on children if necessary. That policy is now being reviewed. 

Hudson no longer attends William Penn Elementary School.


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