Autism MMR Connection; Who Done It?


Reporting shapes thoughts and actions - slander against Dr. Wakefield?

Is it true that Dr. Wakefield ever stated that MMR shots cause autism; or is it that his research implied some sort of connection and therefore those in the media attributed such a final conclusion to him?

Matthew Bennet reports:

.... Dr. Wakefield reported that the children in his case series were suffering from a novel form of bowel disease and that parents reported a temporal link between the onset of symptoms and receipt of the MMR vaccine. DrContrary to what has been reported in the media over the years, Dr. Wakefield never stated that the MMR vaccine caused autism. The full text of the original paper is available at

To be sure, many believe that MMR has caused the increase in autism - and so, what of all of the elements of which vaccination is comprised? Mercury based thermisol has simply been part of the whole where vaccination is concerned. Funny that so many focus so strongly on the one element of the debate - in order to discredit the MMR question completely; doing such, flies in the face of scientific validation.

  • Even as autism affected children have prevailed in vaccination courts due to the injury they have experienced from vaccination,
  • even as autism, the psychiatric label that tells us nothing about cause, and is many times accompanied by comorbid disorders that can very well be linked to causation from vaccination*,
  • even as there are peer reviewed and acknowledged risks attributed to vaccination - with 40 conditions associated with vaccination contraindication, and 60 notes for instructions to do with those contraindications (on CDC site),
  • and even as there continues to be theoretical risks from cell lines utilized in order to produce vaccinations, the rally cry of many in the media and medical community is that all should shut up and stop asking the question.

The debate seems no longer that of science; it is of special interests - and the interests' desire to make final, what isn't yet final or anywhere near concluded. The special interests defy scientific logic, telling scientists who don't agree to shut up. Such an attitude, in and of itself, negates the hope for the sooner answer. All the while, every day, research constantly emerges that points to multiple causations for the dramatic increase in autism - all to do with environment. Hello... vaccination is a huge part of the landscape, the environment. From birth to the grave, all have been shot up for the sake of the herd.

Peer reviewed medicine allows for the risk that a few might develop profound illness so that the herd will experience a kind of healthful utopia. Nevermind that our children seem to be - becoming neurologically challenged at a rate greater than ever before. The MMR question(s) remain scientific ones due to the fact that they have not been completely answered.

Some advise of theoretical risks to do with MMR (link); that of CJD and viral disease. Others research the role of infection in all neurological illnesses. Our own goverment had ordered study about the risk of residual DNA that is present in the cell lines utilized for production of vaccinations. The concern is that residual DNA presence will result in productive ongoing infection - which results in cancer or other type of infection.

The Center For Prions and Protein Folding Diseases in Canada researches the role of infection in neurological illness. The research looks into the possibility that there ...may be common factors between prion diseases and other human diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s.

I don't know about you, but I want as many as possible to look into as much as possible, for as long as possible - so that an answer is found.

Since I have a daughter who was diagnosed with severe autism at the age of three, but who then developed schizophrenic type psychosis at the age of ten - which then seem to represent a degenerative condition akin to Alzheimer's for some time; I appreciate the idea that the medical field, media and special interest don't always know what the :) they are talking about. I and my family have just been stuck in the middle with one beautiful autistic girl. I continue to hope that the people who do know what they are doing with regard to research, continue to be funded and continue their good work.

* Some conditions: mitochondrial disease or disorder, seizures, phenylkentonuria, congenital rubella, tuberous sclerosis, hypothyroidism, and hearing impairment


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