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Autism and Ultrasound?

Dr. Manuel Casanova, a scientist from the University of Louisville, is concerned about a possible link between ultrasound and autism. He doesn’t have any evidence for this hypothesis, but he felt the need to communicate his fears to the press. Why?

The reason Dr. Casanova is concerned about autism stems from his own personal bias. He readily admits that his grandson has severe autism, but he gives no reason for suspecting ultrasounds as the cause other than seeing an ultrasound photo at the front of his grandson’s first photo album.


Dr. Casanova, who in all other respects seems to be a reputable neurologist,  has clearly never heard that there’s a difference between correlation and causation. It’s fine to have a hypothesis and to test it, but going straight to the public based on your biased hunch is irresponsible.  Ultrasounds are often medically necessary, coloring them in such a bad hypothetical light will make pregnant mothers unreasonably paranoid.

I’m more than willing to admit that I’m out of my leagues challenging Dr. Casanova, but my comments are based on what he presented to WHAS News in Louisville, Kentucky. I do plan on following up on this in the near future.

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