Authorities May Sterilize Mother-Of-Six With Learning Disabilities

Health authorities and social services are asking a judge in London to allow them to forcibly take a mother-of-six with learning disabilities to a hospital and sterilize her.

The 30-something woman reportedly had her six children removed by social services. Authorities claim the woman has gynecological problems that would put her life in danger if she became pregnant again, reports The Independent.

A lawyer for health authorities and social services asked a judge for this "extraordinary" request for forced entry, "necessary restraint" and a "therapeutic" sterilization.

The lawyers appointed by the court to represent the woman agree that she needs to be sterilized because she "lacks capacity" and her mind is "impaired," noted The Mirror.

Social services has claimed that the woman (and her partner) refused to co-operate and told authorities to leave her alone. Authorities have tried to convince the woman to use contraception.

The judge, who has reviewed medical evidence from psychiatrists, an obstetrician, a gynecologist and social workers, is expected to issue a ruling soon.

Sources: The Independent, The Mirror
Image Credit: Chris Potter


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