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Australian School’s Drinking Fountain Gets Water From Sewage Plant

High school students at St. Peter’s College in Cranbourne, Victoria, Australia, have been drinking recycled water that comes from a sewage treatment plant since December 2013.

The water path from the sewage plant to the drinking fountain was found by a maintenance worker on April 1. South East Water was contacted and turned the supply off, reports The Guardian.

Health department officials are investigating the situation, and plan to meet with the school and parents.

"We are working with the health department to ensure that any anxiety they've got over this, although it is a low risk, but any worries or concerns we are dealing with those immediately and putting them in touch with health authorities," school principal Tim Hogan told 3AW News.

Health officials claim that tests of the chemicals in the water mostly resulted in low concentrations, but might have increased the risk of gastroenteritis. Authorities will do more water tests.

The recycled water from the sewage plant is normally intended for home gardens and watering crops.

(Note: The image with this article is not the water fountain in question.)

Sources: The Guardian, 3AW News
Image Credit: U.S. Federal Government


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