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Australian Dad Arrested For Treating Child's Cancer With Cannabis (Video)

Adam Koessler was charged earlier this year with supplying dangerous drugs to a person under 16 after he tried to treat his daughter, who has cancer, with cannabis oil.

Koessler's daughter, Rumer Rose Maujean, 2, was diagnosed with advanced neuroblastoma cancer, a nerve tissue cancer, reported

Koessler was arrested in Brisbane, Australia, on Jan. 2 after a consultation with Rumer's doctor.

Koessler claimed Rumer had taken a mixture of the cannabis oil with coconut in her food.

"I saw first hand that the cannabis oil was extremely beneficial and I hope I simply did what any father would do," Koessler told The Newcastle Herald.

“What we saw when Rumer was given the medical cannabis oil was nothing short of miraculous,” Koessler added. "Her cancer-ridden little body was alive again — Rumer had almost instant quality of life."

Cancer Research UK notes that some tests have proven successful in limiting tumors in lab animals.

While Rumer's condition has improved (video below), her mom, Sacha Maujean, credits the recent chemotherapy in the hospital. Koessler is not allowed to see his daughter because of the probation agreement for his release from custody.

Sacha started a Facebook page for her daughter's recovery news; in February, she posted:

Back in hospital and in good spirits! Got to see our specialist today. The results from the MRI are pretty good. Her tumour has shrunk about 30 percent already, after only 2 rounds of fairly gentle chemo. Apparently the tumour is like a rotten mango now and has big dead sections in the middle of it.

On March 11, the Facebook page read:

Hi RR supporters, we are looking for a "Neuroblastoma Specialist" in Australia. Sacha wants to make sure Rumer is getting the very best treatment available. If anyone knows of a specialist in neuroblastoma in either Sydney or Melbourne please let us know. We know of quite a few in the US but want to source a local option first, thanks!

Meanwhile, there has been a petition set up to call for the charges against Koessler to be dropped. There is also a GoFundMe donation page for Rumer's cancer battle.

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Image Credit: Facebook/Rumer's Recovery


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