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Man Eats 'Healthy' Foods For 60 Days And Learns Just How Much Sugar Is Actually In Them (Video)

An actor and filmmaker wanted to find out how much sugar was in food that is widely believed to be healthy, so he set out on a mission that proved to yield shocking results.

Damon Gameau stars in 2015’s “That Sugar Film” in which he goes on a 60-day mission to eat only low fat food items to prove once and for all that low fat doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Gameau had reportedly abstained from sugar for around three years prior, so reintroducing it into his diet proved to be difficult.

All of the food that Gameau eats in the film is considered to be a healthier option because of the lower amount of fat, but in each thing he eats, the sugar content is still outrageously high. After three weeks of eating the seemingly healthy foods, Gameau begins to feel sluggish, fatigued and on edge. Shockingly, a doctor visit confirmed that the actor was in the early stages of fatty liver disease.

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“I had no soft drink, chocolate, ice cream or confectionery,” Gameau told Australian news program Sunrise. “All the sugars that I was eating were found in perceived healthy foods, so low-fat yogurts and muesli bars and cereals and fruit juices, sports drinks ... these kind of things that often parents would give their kids thinking they’re doing the right thing.”

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All in all, Gameau added around four inches of visceral fat to his waist, and by the time he ate his final meal, doctors said he was on the fast track to obesity.

“We’re not being dogmatic and saying people having to quit sugar, it’s just being aware,” said Gameau. “Sugar’s now in 80 per cent of the processed food we’re eating. If we can remove that, that’s the first step towards making a change.”

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