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Audio: Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Claims Obamacare is "Fascism"

During a recent interview with NPR, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey revised his previous criticism of Obamacare, which he called  “socialism” in a 2009 Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Now, Mackey is calling Obamacare “more like fascism" even though it was voted on by both the U.S. Senate and House (audio below), reports NPR.

Mackey said: “Technically speaking, it’s more like fascism. Socialism is where the government owns the means of production. In fascism, the government doesn’t own the means of production, but they do control it, and that’s what’s happening with our healthcare programs and these reforms.”

However, by Mackey's logic any type of government regulation would be considered "fascism," including government laws that regulate food safety in Whole Foods stores.

Mackey is not alone is beliefs though. In 2011, former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum claimed that America was falling into the throes of fascism and that Obamacare was the “final death knell.”


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