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Audio: High School Football Coach Bob Grisham Slams "Fat Butt Michelle Obama" and "Queers"

Lauderdale County High School Coach Bob Grisham was recently caught on tape (audio below) calling the First Lady “fat butt Michelle Obama” and saying what “queers" do is “an abomination against God,” reports The TimesDaily.

Lauderdale County Schools Superintendent Jennifer Gray told The TimesDaily that the Alabama coach was being investigated over the remarks.

On the recording, Grisham asks several teens if they knew who was behind the “600-calorie lunches” in public schools.

Grisham then says: “Fat butt Michelle Obama. Look at her. She looks like she weighs 185 or 190. She’s overweight.”

Later, Grisham adds: “Y’all, our country is, is, is going in the wrong direction. Things won’t get better until there’s a change in some areas and stuff. And you know what [President Barack Obama's] platform was? Change. Y’all can get pissed off at me or not. You can go tell the principal, you can call the superintendent and tell her.”

“I don’t believe in queers, I don’t like queers. I don’t hate them as a person but what they do is wrong, it’s an abomination against God. I don’t like being around queers.”

On Wednesday, Grisham told The TimesDaily: “I misspoke in a debate-type situation. I have no hatred toward anyone or any group. People that know my heart, they know that.”

Grisham was reportedly named coach of the year in 2012.


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