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Audio: Family Research Council's Tony Perkins Attacks Marines for Doing Yoga

Family Research Council head Tony Perkins used his radio show today to attack the Marine Corps for teaching "M-Fit or Mind Fitness" to Marines because it included breathing exercises and yoga that are used to reduce post-traumatic stress disorder and improve attentiveness (audio below).

Perkins call the meditation exercises “goofy” and “New Age." He also slammed the U.S. military for "driving religion out and replacing it with wacky substitutes," reports

Perkins quoted Staff Sgt. Nathan Hampton in the Washington Times questioning the usefulness of meditation: “A lot of people thought it would be a waste of time. Why are we sitting around a classroom doing their weird meditative stuff?"

But Perkins left out the second part of Sgt. Hampton's quote: “But over time, I felt more relaxed. I slept better. Physically, I noticed that I wasn’t tense all the time. It helps you think more clearly and decisively in stressful situations. There was a benefit."


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