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Attorney Thomas P. Lowe Had Affair With Client, Billed Her for Time Spent Having Sex

Attorney Thomas P. Lowe had his law license suspended indefinitely by the Minnesota Supreme Court on January 10, after having an affair with an unidentified female client whom he represented in a divorce in Eagan, Minnesota.

Lowe even billed the woman for "legal services" when they had sex, but coded the time as "meetings" or "drafting memos," reports

The woman met with Lowe in August 2011 to discuss pursuing a divorce from her husband. Lowe asked about her sexual relationship with her husband, complimented her appearance and asked if she was interested in sex.

They began an affair that lasted until March 2012. After several arguments about their affair and his own marriage, Lowe said he was breaking things off and quitting as her lawyer.

That day the woman tried to kill herself. While hospitalized, she revealed her affair with Lowe.

The Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility brought the petition against Lowe in July 2012.

At the time, Lowe denied much of the allegations, but now "unconditionally admits the allegations," according to court filings.

Lowe was previously placed on probation in 1997 for using cocaine and being involved in purchasing the drug from a client.

Lowe won't have a chance for reinstatement for at least a year and three months.


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