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'Her Immune System Is Confused': Atlanta Mother's Mysterious Illness Baffles Doctors (Video)


An illness infecting an Atlanta woman has left doctors puzzled.

Two weeks ago, Stefanie Ballard went to bed with a fever after spending the day at the pool with her two kids, FOX News reported (video below).

“She woke up the next morning with chills, headache, started getting nauseous, and then started losing muscle control and actually had a fall,” Pete Ballard, Stefanie's husband, told the news station.

“They’re trying to figure out what’s gone wrong with her,” he added.

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After being rushed to the Piedmont Hospital, Stefanie underwent numerous tests that revealed a swelling in her brain. However, doctors could not figure out what was causing her symptoms.

"Her immune system is confused and actually attacking her brain confusing it for a virus or some other kind of thing that needs to be fought," Peter said.

The swelling reportedly caused Stefanie’s right side to be paralyzed for eight days.

She has undergone a regiment of steroids as well as other treatment to help with her symptoms. However, the symptoms returned during a physical therapy session.

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"I noticed that her left side [of] her face was drooping,” Pete said. “It flipped and we weren't sure why.”

Due to the medical issues, the hospital bill has continued to grow. To help ease with the financial troubles, family friends have organized a yard sale and launched a GoFundMe account.

“We would hate to see the financial mountain that’s waiting for them be something that they can’t overcome,” Jessica Diamond who is helping the family, told FOX.

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Doctors have since performed a brain biopsy on Stefanie and will have a conclusive diagnosis within the next week or so.

Source: FOX, GoFundMe

Photo Credit: FOX, GoFundMe


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