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How to Support Loved Ones Moving to Assisted Living

Even when all parties are in agreement, moving loved ones into assisted living facilities can be stressful and emotional. There are a few things families can do to help their loved one make the transition as smooth as possible.

It is important to acknowledge the loved one's feelings of loss when they are moving into assisted living facilities. Even when they are willing to move into retirement homes, they will likely still have a feeling of grief and loss. Families should be careful not to minimize these feeling or focus too excessively on the positives. Rather, respect these feelings, allow time to adjust and be sympathetic.

If the loved one has concerns, work through these together. There will likely be an adjustment period after moving into new senior retirement homes; however, families should be careful not to dismiss all concerns as part of the transition. Families should take these seriously and work together to resolve them. Talk about what steps can be taken together and if the issue ends up not having an apparent solution, a move may be in order.

Families should take the time to help their loved one personalize their new living space. Help them choose meaningful possessions and decorations that will help them feel at home. Families should be careful not to take this process over but to let their loved one take the lead. This will be their home and they should have control over its decor.

Families should call, email and visit as often as possible. Continue to invite your loved one to family outings and events as often as possible. Maintain regular contact to reassure them that they are loved and still cared for. A simple call, email or visit can make all the difference in this difficult transition.

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