Army Veteran Receives Medicare-Funded Gender Reassignment Surgery (Video)


Denee Mallon, a 75-year-old transgender U.S. veteran, finally got a sex reassignment surgery via Medicare that she has tried to have for decades.

Mallon had the surgery in October 2014 at a hospital in Chicago when she was 74 (video below).

According to, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ruled in May 2014 that the government would cover gender reassignment surgeries under Medicare, which had banned coverage for the procedures since 1989.

“I feel congruent, like I’m finally one complete human being where my body matches my innermost feelings, my psyche,” Mallon told NBC News. “I feel complete.”

Since 1989, this type of surgery was not covered by Medicare because it was deemed to be “experimental” with a “high rate of serious complications” by the U.S. government.

However, major medical associations have supported sex reassignment surgery over the past decade.

In addition to the Medicare rules, Mallon claims she had been denied the surgery by her doctors because she fathered five kids and had been married to three women.

Sources:, NBC News
Image Credit: NBC News Screenshot


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