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'Armored Nutshellz' Protects Men's Groins from Bullets (Video)

Jeremiah Raber has created a special piece of body armor called "Armored Nutshellz," which is supposed to protect a man's groin from bullets (video below).

According to KDSK-TV, Raber had spent close to $100,000 to create this special gear, which he claims can deflect bullets from 9mm and .22 caliber handguns.

Raber originally came up with the idea to build Armored Nutshellz for mixed martial artists and ultimate fighters

“It is a bullet resistant groin protection device,” the Missouri inventor told KDSK-TV. “It is the world’s strongest cup.”

The Armored Nutshellz website says that buyers include “high end protective cups for police, military, and the professional full contact athlete.”

The Armored Nutshellz was made with Kevlar and a protective fabric called "Dyneema."

"It's an uneven stew and that's exactly what it is," said Raber. "I've experimented with different recipes, 'Ok, I'm going to use this, and I'm going to use a piece of this' and I finally got to where I am at and it's working well, so I'm sticking with it."

To prove that Armored Nutshellz worked, Raber fired several rounds from 9mm and .22 caliber handguns at the protector. The bullets dented the groin shield, but did not penetrate.

“I got the email today, from [a division of the Army], saying that, that in August they would like to test my product,” Raber claimed. “I reached out to them and go the response today, and so in August I’m going to send them some samples and then get a response and see what’s going on with it.”

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