Arizona Transgender Woman Performs 'Self Surgery' In Sex Change Operation Gone Wrong

An Arizona woman wanted to undergo a sex change but could not afford the expensive operation, so she decided to perform it herself.

Jadis Argiope, who was born with male reproductive organs, was featured on TLC United Kingdom’s newest show, “Self Surgery,” and went into great detail about the operation.

According to Metro, the whole thing almost ended in disaster after she tried to remove one of her testicles, and almost cut an artery in the process.

“It was almost like a bomb, where you don’t know where to snip,” Argiope explained. “If you do it too wrong or too early, you end up bleeding to death.”

“I knew I needed to have my testicles out of my body,” Argiope said. “I knew I would never be able to afford an operation performed by a real surgeon, and so I would have to take matters in to my own hand.”

She added: “I knew as long as I had this testicle in my body it would continue to poison me. It was like a demon, a monster, someone hunting me down, so I had to get rid of it one way or another.”

Argiope ended up seeking medical help after her botched 30-hour procedure, and she is now in the hands of professional surgeons.

By sharing her story, she hopes health institutions may be more respective of transgender women’s mental health, Her.ie notes.

Argiope admitted, “My hope is that in the not too distant future society will be more sensitive to transgender women so they won’t have to do the drastic things I had to do.”

Sources: MetroHer.ie / Photo Credit: TLC UK


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