Arizona Mother Finds Pills In Child's Halloween Candy


A Tucson, Arizona, mother was horrified after she discovered a bottle of pills in her daughter’s Halloween candy.

Ashley Johnson was helping her 5-year-old daughter sort out her Halloween candy when she found a bottle of Dramamine within it, according to Tucson News Now.

“Finding it there was such a shock. I would've never expected to find anything like that,” Johnson told Tucson News Now.

Dramamine is a pill that helps with motion sickness, but can be very harmful to children — causing seizures and hallucinations.

The Arizona Poison and Drug Information Center (AZPDIC) previously advised parents to be cautious of their children’s candy and to always check before allowing them to consume anything, KVOA reported.

A major concern across the country this Halloween is edible marijuana candy, which police have said can be easily mistaken for a normal, drug-free treat.

“Whether they come in the form of suckers, they’ve been made into chocolates; a lot of them have been packaged to look almost exactly like traditional candy wrappers,” AZPDIC Dr. Keith Boesen said, according to KVOA.

After her shocking discovery, Johnson stressed the importance of monitoring and inspecting children’s candy before allowing consumption — especially considering how easy it is to miss something potentially dangerous.

“All your kids' candy, sort it out," she told Tucson News Now. "Because when we first dumped it out, I didn't see it. It was just a mass of candy."

Sources: Tucson News Now, KVOA / Photo credit: Tucson News Now, KVOA


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