Are You and Your Child Astrologically Compatible?


Guest blogger Jessica Katz: I am not sure how true astrology really is, but I am a Cancer and I fit the description to a tee. When we are dating, we find ourselves looking up our astrological compatibility with our mates. So why not do that with our kids?

I decided to explore how well my Sagittarius child and I are suited for one another. One thing that is a thorn in our ten-month relationship is that my daughter hates to be cuddled. She fights and squirms and screams if you try to hug or snuggle her. She can't stand to feel caged in or trapped. She has always been super independent and has never been a clingy baby. In fact, she will let anyone hold her and she is happiest roaming free. 

This devastates me. I want to cuddle my cute little baby! It is torture for her to be so cute and not let me cuddle her. So what did our compatibility test say? It said that Sagittarius children are very independent and that Cancer parents are nurturing and loving. It said, "Your parenting style includes plenty of nurturing, support, protection and connection, but your Sagittarius child is quite independent. The truth is, she doesn't want you hovering so close as she explores the world around her! Try not to let this hurt your feelings. Your little one is naturally curious, energetic and unrestricted. In fact, she couldn't be more different from you in that way." 

Well, I suppose if we were dating that would mean we were incompatible (although I married a Sagittarius). In regards to a parent-child relationship, it means: Don't take it so personally when all the other babies curl up in their moms' laps and your baby crawls away. It makes me feel good to know that she is so loved and secure that she feels free to be independent while knowing that her father and I are always here for her. Although once in a while, I just want a hug.


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