Are You Addicted to Blackberry or iPhone?

There comes a time in everyone's life when you stop cold in your tracks, shaken with the stark realization that you've become that very thing that ticks you off the most.

For some women, its our mothers. That's not my issue (mom). For others, we've become that person who nags their husband all the time. We have, in a sense, created a self-fulfilled prophecy.

Last night, it happened to me. BlackBerry on the couch beside me, I was checking it for the 65th time in the last half-hour. And it dawned on me that I had BECOME that woman, trailing behind her husband at the grocery store, stumbling in the dark trying to respond to her phone. I'm not at the stage where the phone comes dog walking . . . YET.

But I can see it's not far off. Tired eyes from squinting, stiff hands from typing, Ill just check my email one more time before I practice, before I meditate, before I make something to eat. I have become a slave to this device. I'm pulling out my  hair. I can't stop myself. I'm deep in the throes of addiction.

If these feelings of low self-worth and lacking self-discipline sound familiar, you might have a problem with your CrackBerry. Ask yourself the following:

1. Do you check email first thing in the morning?

2. Do you text and drive?

3. Have you been late for an appointment/coffee due to texting?

4. Do you hear PDA message notifiers in your head?

5. Have you been caught off guard by a lampost while texting and walking?

6. Does the dog grab your phone rather than its leash when you say "wanna go for a walk"?

7. Does your PDA have an official seat on your thigh or the couch while watching TV, movies, or in conversation with a friend?

8. Do you choose texting over calling, EVERY TIME?

9. Do you text important messages like "Hey, are you bored?"

10. Do you text in the company of family you haven't seen for over a year?

If you've answered yes to at least ONE of these questions, chances are, you've got a problem. But there is a solution. Acknowleding you need help is the first step toward healing.

These 5 suggestions will assist your transition to a CrackBerry free life:

1. Let family and friends know about your intention to quit compulsive texting.

2. Start small: limit yourself to one email/text every 15 minutes. Then increase to 20.

3. When you feel strong, leave the house without your phone. Don't turn back.

4. Pray. When you feel the compulsion to pick up, say a little prayer. Step away from the phone.

5. Outside help may be necessary. Don't be ashamed to call a local counsellor.

I know I feel much better about admitting I have a problem! Think of all the time I'll have to spend living in the moment! I hope you'll join me on this journey to improved concentration, increased work productivity, more intimate family relations, in general a healthier, more yogic life!


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