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Unplug and Live: Tips for the Workaholic

We live in a culture that’s always on the go. We are constantly plugged in to the Internet and are accessible to everyone all the time.

We eat in our cars, rushing from must-dos to have-tos. We get in to the office early. We stay late. We take care of our families. We do our chores. We check our email from home and while we’re on vacation. We wish that there were more hours in a day, and we cut back on sleep to make the most of the hours we do have.

Sound familiar? For many of us, multitasking is a way of life. But there’s a fine line between being busy and being overworked. Or worse yet, being a workaholic.

Working too much can have negative effects on your physical and mental health, including slowing your weight-loss efforts or even causing you to gain weight.

But it’s a problem that the entire nation is being faced with. According to WebMD, 44 percent of all adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, and an estimated 75 percent to 90 percent of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.

Continue reading to see if you suffer from overworking and how you can get healthier by stop being compelled to work so darn much! —Jenn


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