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Are You a Fitness Procrastinator?

Yesterday we shared three tips to overcome procrastination, and it got me thinking. Usually when we talk about being a procrastinator, it involves us waiting until the last minute to pay our bills, put together that big presentation or get the oil changed in the car. It’s typically a to-do that can be put off—at least until the deadline. But here’s the thing about fitness: There is no deadline (unless it’s one that’s self-imposed, and we know howself-imposed deadlines can go!). So if you are one who is prone to procrastinate, do you also do it with your fitness regimen—or worse—your overall health and well-being (think not going to the doctor or getting your annual physical)?

I remember in college when it was almost cool to procrastinate and pull an all-nighter studying for a final. But when it comes to your health? Procrastinating isn’t just unnecessarily stressful, it can also take a toll on your health if you’re putting off taking the time to take care of yourself.

Are you with me? Was this the gut-check you needed to choose to take care of yourself today? Or do you think it’s total hooey? I’ll step off my soapbox now and ask…

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Feel free to elaborate in the comments, and if you are a self-proclaimed procrastinator who’s wanting to change, be sure to read these tips for overcoming the procrastination-monster! —Jenn


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