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Are Chemicals in Plastics Making Us Fat?

Lately there’s been quite a buzz about phthalates (the stuff that makes plastics and lots of other householdproducts flexible and pliable) and their link to, well—things we don’t have a cure for that are on the rise—like cancer and ADHD and, now, obesity. David Edelson, MD, and board-certified weight-lossspecialist, believes that plastics are having a negative impact on our health and weight. Especially since phthalates are so common in our lives, including being in everything from water bottles to lotion containers to coatings on pills to the plastic containers that hold our food.

I know I’ve switched all of our water containers at home over to stainless steel or glass, and I soon plan to ditch our plastic food containers and invest in glass just because of the threat of BPA, but this is making me feel even better about my decision to go as plastic-free as possible. Watch the below video and you be the judge!

Are phthalates helping us pack on the pounds?


Photo Credit: Just a Temporary Measure


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