Ardi Rizal, Who Chain Smoked At 2, Has Replaced The Bad Habit With Apparent Addiction To Food


A few years back, a 2-year-old Indonesian boy was seen chain-smoking, leading to outrage around the world. He’s apparently kicked the habit, but seemingly replaced it with another bad one as he weighs a lot more than he should.

Mail Online reports that Ardi Rizal became an international media sensation when he was discovered in a poor village in Sumatra, Indonesia, puffing on a cigarette while riding his tricycle. The Indonesian government then started a campaign to deal with the problem of children smoking and organized special rehabilitation treatment to help Rizal quit.

Rizal reported has kicked the habit that had him puffing on 40 cigarettes a day, but a new documentary shows that two years later, the youngster is still very unhealthy, apparently now addicted to food.

Rizal favorite food is apparently condensed milk and he reportedly has at least three cans a day. His carbohydrate intake is also said to be extremely high, according to The Independent.

Rizal reportedly weighs double what he should be for a child his age, and doctors have urged his mother to put her son on a diet.

His mother says that they boy now demands food in the same way he used to beg for cigarettes, and the family struggles not to give in to his tantrums.

“When Aldi first quit smoking he would demand a lot of toys,” Diane Rizal said. “He would bang his head on the wall if he couldn't get what he wanted. That's why I get him cigarettes in the first place - because of his temper and his crying. Now I don't give him cigarettes, but he eats a lot. With so many people living in the house it's hard to stop him from getting food.”

The Rizals have decided to take Aldi to a nutritionist for medical checks and they've been given advice on how to put him on a healthier diet so he can start to lose some weight.

Sources: Mail Online, The Independent


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