April -- An Abortion Bill A Day Keeps Voters In Play

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When you write daily about abortion laws and restrictions, a funny thing starts to happen.  It becomes so common place, you actually start to lose track of what really is happening.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I can probably rattle off per state which ones are where in the process of passing each restriction, from "no taxpayer funding of abortions" to "fetal pain" to the ones that are actually trying to ban the whole thing.  I can give you a list of which states have constitutional challenges and which states are about to sue.

But it takes a headline like this to put it all back in perspective for me:

33 Anti-Abortion Laws Enacted in April

Almost three dozen laws.  Over a ban a day.  Almost two a day if you take off weekends.  And, as Mother Jones notes, a majority of those were in 8 states in the Midwest.  Kansas alone passed four.

That's one bill a week for the whole month.

When you write about these bills one by one, they seems like a lot.  But when you see them all finally lined up, it's more clear how massive the onslaught against women's reproductive health truly is.


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