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Estrogen: Wonder Hormone or Cancer Causer?

Did you scan the buried news regarding estrogen? It can prevent breast cancer.

At a meeting of breast cancer specialists in San Antonio, the news from the estrogen-only arm of the WHI was recapped by saying that women at already normal or low risk for breast cancer actually had an even lower breast cancer risk if they took estrogen, only after they had had a hysterectomy with their ovaries removed as well.

Women fear breast cancer, and they fear the hormone they perceive to have caused it. But this on-again, off-again advice is probably feared even more. Estrogen: elixir from the golden chalice, or Pandora's box? Gynos remain perplexed. Their parent organization, ACOG, forges ahead with advice from: Olivia Newton-John.

Thus the continuing apotheoses of herbals and all things not estrogen to cure the problems that, very likely, only estrogen can solve. I planted some Cimicifuga racemosa prominently in the southern garden one year, so it could remind me of the roots of what we are trying to solve. Keep that sensible dialog alive, while trying to quote the science that pretends to be firm, but sways greatly in that gentle breeze that is the popular press. 


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