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Anxiety Sufferers Often Also Depressed

Sometimes I marvel at how far I’ve come since my first panic attack in 1999.  It’s amazing really.

Yet as happy as I am about all that progress I’ll admit that I still struggle at times not with anxiety, but with low-grade, residual depression.

You know, sometimes I feel like a worthless, aimless nobody.

Now, clearly this is a thought created by a mild depression and has no basis in reality, but it rears its ugly head nonetheless.

And although depressive thoughts linger in my mind occasionally without consent, I cope well.

That’s because for me things have never reached a critical mass.

Mainly because I taught myself to manage and even eliminate anxiety, and since anxiety and depression work in much the same way, this means that I can (and do) apply a number of the same techniques to myself to stop depressive thoughts cold.

I think a lot of anxious people think the same way.  I also think a lot of you downplay or don’t even acknowledge that depression has crept into your life because you’re either too distracted or not sure about how to respond.

That’s sad.  Sad because life is already hard enough as it is.  Life is hard even without the anxiety, panic, fear, and uncertainty that you might be enduring right now.

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know that if you’re feeling depressed you’re not alone.  The fact is that anxiety and depression are almost always found together, especially if your underlying anxiety has not been treated.  In short, you’re no weirdo.

So take notice because over the next several weeks I’ll be producing a series of articles and podcasts aimed at doing the following:

  1. Defining depression
  2. Discussing different degrees of depression (depression scale)
  3. Offering tips on how to cope with depression
  4. Explaining the relationship between depression and anxiety

I want to tell you about dysthymia (chronic depression), clinical depression, depression treatment options and much more.  I want you to be informed and I want you to lose your fear of your internal struggles because you can overcome them.

Mostly though, I just want you to be OK with yourself, so you can gain the confidence you need to finally defeat anxiety anddepression.

I’ve touched on this subject in the past but never treated it in a focused way, so this should be informative if anything.

If you have specific questions, stories, ideas, or a particular perspective that you’d like to share please put them in the comments section below.  I’ll then work some of those thoughts into the various articles and podcasts and hopefully we’ll help someone who needs the information and support.

If you’d rather email me please send your message to  Thank you!


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