Pro-Lifers Want to Ban Word "Fetus"


Do you have an uncontrollable potty mouth? You may very well, according to some conservatives, if you find yourself using nasty, naughty words all of the time. 

You know, like "fetus."

Via Brent Bozell:

While Gloria Steinem is fussing on National Public Radio about why the B-word isn’t taken as seriously as the N-word, perhaps pro-lifers need to really accuse America of insensitivity to what they’ve long seen as an F-bomb: "Fetus."

What a cold, humanity-negating word that is. Happy pregnant women carry "babies." But indecisive or panicked pregnant women carry a "fetus." How discriminatory that sounds in regard to an innocent human life.

"Fetus" has a dictionary definition: the young of a mammal that resembles its parents in physical form, in our case, a human with hands and feet and eyes and a beating heart. But to our media and political analysts, it has a different definition: a subhuman appendage, a disposable mass of tissue, a slave to our whims, and too often, a casualty of our irresponsibility.

Yup, can we please get rid of these ridiculous, scientifically accurate words and continue replacing them with less than accurate, emotionally charged rhetoric? Our survival as an informed democracy demands it!

Now, if you will pardon me, I need to go add "personhood" and "pre-born" to my spellcheck.

This post was originally published at RH Reality Check, a site of news, community and commentary for reproductive health and justice


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