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Anti-Americanism 101

Last year I wrote about how my daughter’s teacher was planning to showMichael Moore’s propaganda film ‘Sicko’ to her students and my subsequent refusal to let my daughter be (once more) exposed to such a film.

The decision was a tough one, given my strong pro-free speech leanings.

The main problem with this – apart from the teacher apparently announcing to her class at the beginning of the year that she was an unabashed leftwing socialist – is that there appears to be no balance.

There is no film shown to the kids that shows the truth about the Canadian health care system. There is no video shown to the students which shows the wait times, the ‘brain drain’ of our best and brightest medical minds to the evil U.S., no mention of the litany of problems that come with a universal system.

Hell, did no one answer the phone at the Fraser Institute? Did they even bother to try to get representation from the other side of the issue?

Even the most glaring truth - that the more money that is put into the Canadian health care system, the longer the wait times for surgery - is ignored.

You’d think that would be an important point to include.

Fast forward to this past week: the same daughter informed me that the same teacher is once again planning to show Sicko, this time as part of a unit comparison of health care systems between Canada and the United States.

Where to I begin…

As inaccurate as the film was when it was first made, now it has to be considered pointless. ObamaCare is in full swing, meaning many of the claims made by Moore are now, or quickly becoming, moot.

Whether or not he does a sequel showing how bad the American system is/will become under Obama…

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The film has proven to be full of inaccuracies to the point that Moore himself has long since refused to label the flick as a ‘documentary’. As is the case with any Michael Moore film, the information he attempts to spread folds under the slightest of critical exposure. Some claims are blurred, some are half-truths, some just outright false.

Mostly, it is swift editing that creates his message. Like an Al Gore movie, only the weak-minded fall for the claims.

It is pure propaganda.

But that doesn’t stop this teacher – or the school, for that matter – from showing it to the students with the assumption that it is an accurate portrayal of the American, Canadian, and Cuban systems.

This is a school which has also proudly, repeatedly exposed students to such factually-absent ‘docs’ like ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ and‘An Inconvenient Truth’.

Since when did this become part of the school curriculum? Since when did my kid’s Canadian junior high school suddenly transplant to Berkeley?

Why doesn’t the educator be honest about the intentions and admit that showing this and these other one-sided movies has little to do with health care or the environment, and more to do with instilling good, old fashion, typical left-wing anti-Americanism into a new generation of Canadian youth?

The good news is, my kid isn’t the only one to be pulled from that class. It seems word got out about what I had done, and now a handful of other parents have followed suit by not letting their children become further indoctrinated. They have refused to let their children be submerged into the leftwing bath.

This does expose a troubling trend, however. In my day, it was not uncommon to hear of parents who would not allow their children to attend classes that conflicted with their religious beliefs. Understandable, given the multi-cultural, multi-faith society we live in.

Now, parents have to be vigilant to protect their children from leftwing political indoctrination in the classroom.


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