Anti-Abortion Model Legislation Comes With Anti-Abortion Model Talking Points


I have a hint for the next reporter that has to write about a 20 week abortion ban in their state -- whoever proposes the bill will do so with a statement that fetuses feel great pain while being aborted (even though scientists say that isn't true) and that you wouldn't even treat a dog that way.

At least, that's what they said this week in Minnesota:

"We are protecting the lives of people who cannot speak for themselves," said sponsor Sen. Gretchen Hoffman, R-Vergas. "And that is an unborn child, who through the abortion process is put through excruciating pain -- nothing that we would do to a dog in this country. And I ask that we look at our future generation as more than a dog."

And Alabama:

"The method of abortion that has to be used after 20 weeks is DNX, which is dismemberment," Ciamarra explains. "They're actually torn limb from limb and left to bleed to death and die. You know, you would not do that to a convicted murderer. I mean, [in] most states, you couldn't do that to a dog."

And Iowa:

"I think what is sad about this chamber is that I think a bill to protect late term puppies would get through this chamber rather than babies" added Senator Brad Zaun (R) Polk.

So if you need a quick article, just write it up, "Babies feel great pain at 20 weeks or even earlier," says [insert lawmaker or activist's name]. "You wouldn't treat a dog that way, why would you do that to a baby?"

You're welcome.  I know you have a lot of anti-abortion bills to cover.


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