Anti-Abortion Extremists Use Facebook To Urge Kidnapping Women On Way To Texas Abortion Clinics


A group posted on the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook page urging them to take women to places other than abortion clinics by pretending to be involved with an anonymous community organization that provides abortion services to women.

International Business Times reports that the group known as "Praying for you" posted on the Abolish Human Abortion Facebook page urging them to kidnap women by pretending to be involved with Cicada Collective.

The group advised supporters of Abolish Human to pretend to volunteer for Cicada Collective as drivers and gave a contact email address to use.

According to the post, the Collective was looking for volunteers to "shuttle TX women around for their abortion appointments" and called for anti-choice campaigners to apply, undercover, in a bid to lure the women away, reported

The post then recommends that the women be taken to a church to delay the abortion and ultimately change the pregnant woman's mind.

"I'm not suggesting you actually takea (sic) woman to an abortion clinic," it reads.

"It's a wonderful opportunity to minister to an abortion minded woman for an hour while you DON'T take her to the clinic. And hey if you can't change her mind by the time she gets out of your car and realizes she is at church and not the clinic she's missed her appointment anyway.”

After Cicada Collective was made aware of the post, it warned women about the potential threat.

"Anti-choicers attempting to infiltrate was bound to happen at some point right? Here is a concerning message we got this morning. Other groups out there wanting to provide practical support to people seeking abortion care in Texas, please be careful."

Abolish Human Abortion strongly denied having any involvement with the group recommending the kidnapping and said it had been written by pro-choice campaigners in an attempt to "slander" the group.

Texas is one of the strictest states in the U.S. for its laws on abortion. Earlier this month, a federal court allowed new abortion restrictions that require doctors performing abortions to have privileges to admit patients to nearby hospitals. It also limits the use of abortion-inducing drugs.

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