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Another Smoking Baby, this One in China; She Drinks Beer, Too

Hot on the heels of the smoking baby in Indonesia comes a report of a baby in China who both smokes and drinks. But in this case, there could be deeper medical issues at play.

3-year-old Ya Wen acted just like every other normal baby until about a year ago, when she was hit by a speeding van and spent five days in a coma. After leaving the hospital, her parents say her personality changed dramatically. She started acting like an adult -- and took up smoking and drinking beer.

"She likes drinking," her mother, Gao Wen, told the Yangcheng Evening Post. "Three glasses of beer is no problem to her."

Nor apparently is the pack of cigarettes a day she smokes.

At first, the girl was stealing her father's cigarettes and hiding in the bathroom to smoke. One day her mother caught her. "Before that I often saw cigarette butts in the toilet but thought they were my husband's, until I saw my daughter smoking there."

Then Wen took to stealing them from a local store. The owner, who just assumed she was taking the cigarettes for her father, then let her have them on credit.

Wen's father recently gave up smoking to set a good example, but the girl still cries whenever she sees cigarettes anywhere.

In addition to the smoking and drinking, Wen also changed her preference in clothes.

"She only likes boy's clothes," Wen's mother said. "If we don't buy them for her, she cries in protest."

The family lives in a shelter. To make money, they collect and sell garbage.


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