Mom Kills Autistic Child; Made Him Drink Cup of Bleach


In what’s turned out to be a terrible year for autistic children, survival wise, another ‘mother’ has killed her autistic child.

A mother forced her 12-year-old autistic son to drink a cup of bleach because she feared social services would take him, a court heard.

Satpal Kaur Singh, 44, killed her son Ajit just hours after she refused to cooperate with council staff at a meeting over his care.

This time it is clear that Singh was

...suffering a mental disorder.

And so I have to wrestle with my feelings. My immediate feeling is that if she had a mental disorder, she cannot be held accountable for her actions. However, my other feelings are revolted, not just by the murder, but by the horribly cruel way she murdered her son. Making him drink a cup of bleach must’ve been a long, drawn out, and horrendously painful process for young Ajit.

At the end, this time searching questions must be asked of Social Services. If they had concerns over Singh’s parenting skills and her behaviour, which they apparently did, why was Ajit Singh not placed on the "at risk" register? Or were they already beginning that process, and it was this that set Satpal Kaur Singh on her murderous course?

It's an appalling story, and at the bottom of it is a little boy who was killed by the one person he should’ve been able to put all his trust in, and in a manner so awful it makes me shudder.


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